SITAWI is a youthful organization, made up of people with high ethical fiber, a passion for the social sector and who seek to align work with social purpose. Our permanent staff typically consists of professionals with backgrounds in business, finance and consulting, willing to use their skills to advance the concept of Finance for Good.

We also work with volunteers who wish to gain knowledge on Finance for Good and contribute to our mission. Our volunteering programs target students, newly graduated, professionals in career transition or experienced professionals with availability to collaborate for at least three months.

To find more about new vacancies, always check our website and Facebook. We currently have two vacancies:

Social Finance Analyst

Check the table below to know more about our volunteering program

 ResearcherData compilation / collection
Social Business Mapping
Image Bank
Portuguese10h/weekRemote / Office
TranslatorTranslation of online and off-line materialPortuguese and English2h/ weekRemote
Hands-on Support too ne of the 4 areas (Sustainable Finance, Social Finance, Philanthropic Culture e Business & Impact)Portuguese and English20h/weekOffice
Consultor(a)Ad hoc consultancy
Product Development
Internal projects
Portuguese and English30h/weekOffice