Call for projects that bring proposals to water crisis has deadline for submission extended

The Nuvem – Technology and Art Rural Station, with Sitawi Finance for Good endorsement, will select 5 proposals that will be developed at the Interactivos?16’ – a rural lab based in Serrinha do Alambari – Rj. This year edition has Water and Autonomy as themes and will take place between October 29 and November 12, 2016. Registration have been extended until September 9.

Researchers, artists and developers from several areas can register projects that bring solution to the water crisis that relied on aid for its development, as well as logistics in participation of the incubation process.

Interactivos? is a project development collaborative lab. In 2016, the theme of our Interactivos?’16 is Water and Autonomy. This aim to be a study about autonomous hydrology encouraging the link between common, scientific, technical and artistic knowledge in proposing solutions to water issues in different areas by a citizen perspective.

Thus, this edition proposes to host projects that aims to experiment propositions and solutions for the problems we face, such as water scarcity and carelessness in its use, considering the drinking water for human and animal consumption and for different use such as domestic, agricultural, industrial consumption and use it in recreational activities.

Interested proposals are those that think about the complete water cycle from springs to tap, through collection, reservoirs, distribution, sanitation, recycling, water quality maintenance, security strategies in disaster and accidents prevention in vulnerable populations. Likewise are important that proposals are concerned about watershed problems and its components (watersheds, valley bottoms, sub-basins, springs, areas of unloading and reloading, and hydrogeochemical or hydrochemical profiles), upstream and downstream of rivers, ebb, full flow, mouth, bed, riparian vegetation (riparian forest, riparian forest and gallery forest). In addition, sanitation, virtual water (water consumed to produce a good, product or service), water pollution, and others.

The goal of Interactivos?’16 Water and Auntonomy is to create an interaction between different but complementary areas from the water system (populations, agriculture, industrial, ecosystems) through a platform where will have exchange of knowledge and technology about a conscious and sustainable water management, as well as provide structure for the development of projects.

This initiative is also supported by Crescente Fértil, ELAS Fundo de Investimento Social, LILO.Zone and Medialab-Prado.

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