Criteria for receiving impact investments

If your organization meets the basic requirements below, apply for an impact investment!


1. Recognizable, tangible and measurable socio-environmental impact
2. Proven repayment and / or growth capacity
3. Qualified management team
4. Leadership with a clear ethical fiber
5. Be already formalized


1. Below-market interest rates
2. Flexible payment terms
3. SITAWI expertise and support
4. Access to SITAWI’s network

Conditions may vary but, in general, we seek to offer loans:

1. Between R $ 100 thousand and R $ 1 million
2. With an interest rate of approximately 1% per month
3. Repayment term of up to 30 months
4. System of monthly interest payments + part of the principal

How the selection process works

Funil para receber Investimento de Impacto


According to the structure above, after registration in the requisition form:

1. We evaluate the loan application according to a financial and socio-environmental analysis carried out by verifying the information provided via the form and, when applicable, online interview and technical visit (due diligence).
2. After due diligence, the organizations that proceed to capture on the platform are defined through a prioritization and approval committee formed by our CEO, Leonardo Letelier and our strategic partners.
3. After fundraising, SITAWI does the monthly monitoring, assisting the organization in its growth demands.

Currently, this process takes an average of 3 months.
Is that what your organization is looking for?
Then register your request for impact investment.

(Make available at least 40 minutes to complete your application)

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