1st Call for Socio-environmental Enterprises comes to an end!

Aware of the enormous funding challenges faced by socio-environmental organizations and businesses, Sitawi launched the 1st Call for Socio-environmental Enterprises throughout the month of September. This great call aimed to draw attention to this reality and, as an alternative, to present different types of financial solutions for these organizations, in particular the Socio-Environmental Loan. There are many options beyond donations and public notices that were explored especially in events held in Rio and SP. Read here: http://bit.ly/1okTzlb 

The result was considered very positive by Sitawi which, for a 1st edition, received 48 entries from all over Brazil. After registration closes, on 10/12, each project will be thoroughly evaluated and all registered entrepreneurs will receive feedback. The intention of Chamada2014 is to disburse up to R$ 1 million in Social and Environmental Loans.

?We would like to thank everyone who helped us spread the 1st Call for Social and Environmental Projects by Sitawi through the networks and make this call a success. We believe we have taken another step towards consolidating the Finances for Good, that is: more capital, more types of capital and its better use and allocation to transform more lives?. celebrated the CEO and Founder of Sitawi, Leonardo Letelier. ?We would also like to thank the supporters of Chamada2014 for their involvement in both publicity and institutional support. For the partnership in the elaboration of the events in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, we register the importance of the partnership of the Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial. And those who lent their voices to the events, Artemisia, Vox Capitals, GAG Investimentos and INSEED Investimentos?

Despite the end of the Call for Socio-environmental Enterprises, anyone who wants to learn more about Sitawi's Socio-environmental Loan, whether for an organization or social business, with or without profit, just access www.sitawi.org.br and get in touch.


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