Organic food reaches families in social vulnerability

The Organic Solidarity platform began in March 2020 as an emergency project in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a network that brought together donors, organic farmers and families in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability. More than 35,000 baskets containing organic fruits and vegetables have already been donated to more than 5,000 families served by the project nationwide, which also generates income for organic producers in different regions. Now, the project is organized in the format of a Philanthropic Fund and is financially managed by Sitawi. The mission of Orgânico Solidário is to democratize access to healthy food and support the growth and expansion of organic food production in Brazil.

To make this goal possible, the non-profit platform receives donations from people and companies and then buys food from a network of operators/organic producers that are partners in the project. Each R$50 donated enables a basket consisting of 14 different items of fruits and vegetables, ensuring the payment of a fair price to the farmers involved and also the platform's operating costs, which are low thanks to a team of volunteer collaborators engaged in the initiative.

The baskets arrive weekly to families that need it most through partnership with recognized social projects and organizations, which ensure distribution and delivery to registered families in the communities where they operate.

According to the co-founder of the initiative, Rodrigo Medeiros, the basket arrives efficiently at the families' tables: ?The project started by preventing tons of organic food from being thrown in the trash due to the lockdown, which closed fairs and restaurants, but today allowed farmers to increase their production to meet the growing demand to bring this type of food to families that have always been excluded from its consumption. With this, we created the first basic organic food basket in the country which, through our network of operators and partner social organizations, efficiently reaches the tables of thousands of families. Are we putting more nutrients, less poison, more sustainability and more dignity on these people's tables? he says.

In a pioneering way, Organic Solidarity brings quality food, free of pesticides and committed to preserving the planet, to the tables of thousands of families in socioeconomic vulnerability. In addition, it has an open innovation platform where, on the same website, it is possible to make donations, attract volunteers and partner producers and register institutions to receive the baskets, all in one place.

More recently, since the launching of the “Empresa Parceira? With the support of new partner companies, the platform aims to expand its operations and, above all, deepen the impact on families and farmers benefited.

For more information, watch the institutional video from the project.

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