ANDE holds the second Metrics in Practice meeting

20160624_110613The second Metrics in Practice meeting, held in São Paulo by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneus – ANDE, was attended by Ivy So, a former MBA student at Harvard Business School, presenting the study “Impact Measurement in Impact Investing“, in co-authorship with Alina S. Capanyola. 

A iniciativa tem os encontros liderados pelo Gestor de Fundos Filantrópicos da Sitawi Finanças do Bem, Rob Packer que é membro do comitê diretor da ANDE no Brasil. Segundo ele, o espaço possibilita muitas trocas e aprendizagens sobre medição de impacto social positivo.

– ANDE's series of meetings on metrics promises a very rich exchange between all the organizations that are part of the network. Everyone has something to share; everyone has something to learn. By the end of the year, we will consolidate this exchange, generating content that can be very useful for all organizations in the ecosystem. It is an honor to be able to lead these meetings – commented Rob Packer.

ANDE coordinator in Brazil, Tainá Costa, also commented on the meetings:

– ANDE already develops activities related to metrics at a global level, such as the metrics conference and the metrics discussion group. So we decided to bring the issue here to Brazil by identifying the topic as a topic of interest to local members. The group's idea is to share experiences and bring guests to talk about different topics within impact metrics. We have already held two meetings and the idea is to hold 5 more meetings by the end of the year – he pointed out.

To learn more about ANDE's work in Brazil and around the world, access here.

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