By donating to Sitawi, you support the causes you believe in.

Here are some of the causes your donation supports:

LGBTQIA+ Movement
Gender Equity

    +850 organizations supported by Sitawi

Why donate to Sitawi?

Sitawi is a non-profit organization that is financed through donations from individuals and legal entities.

Supporting Sitawi means donating to different causes that impact the world in a positive way! Today we are an organization that moves capital so that it is increasingly accessible, abundant and patient.

Per 5 times recognized as one of the 100 best NGOs in Brazil
THE 5th most influential NGO in Brazil and top 100 global, according to The Dot Good
Certified by CAF International to receive resources from the USA
+ of 14 million of Brazilian lives impacted by our actions
+ of R$450 million mobilized for impact

Where does my donation go?

Your donation goes to Sitawi, and will be used to strengthen our team and increase our positive impact actions in each area of activity. Transparency is one of our pillars🇧🇷 annually we send our report which contains all the financial data, which show how we are using and investing our income and funding. 

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