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Get to know some of the causes supported by our 4 action fronts

Equity Funds
Flame House

The basics for those who need it. 

The organization Casa Chama promotes acceptance, dignity and affection for the transvestite population in Brazil. Thus, it guarantees access to basic rights for this population, such as housing, public policies and social rights.

Impact Investment

Women who change the world. 

The organization, located in the Caatinga in the interior of Bahia, encourages and empowers women in the region to occupy leadership positions within the Cooperative. This ensures that they have access to other markets and public policies needed to develop their communities. It is a cooperative recognized in several markets – both national and international. 

Conservation and climate finance
Juruá II Middle Territory Program

Local impact actions.  

Our program develops and implements socio-environmental projects in the Middle Juruá region in Carauari (AM). We work with around 4,500 residents of 61 riverside communities and an indigenous territory, local actors and external partners to achieve our goals. 

Philanthropy Management

Black Founders Fund – Google for Startups

Diversity as the future. 

The Fund aims to expand diversity in the innovation sector, strengthening Afro entrepreneurship in Brazil. In addition, impact startups led by people of color receive all of these funds.


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