Brazilians donated 13.7 billion reais in 2015, says survey

Doação BrasilThe Institute for the Development of Social Investment - IDIS  carried out the first complete survey on the profile of donors in Brazil. In partnership with Gallup consultancy and support from Instituto C&A, Instituto Ayrton Senna, Instituto Arapyaú and PayPal, the study heard 2,230 people over 18 years old, with an income greater than one minimum wage, throughout the national territory. 

The Brazil Donation Survey showed that in 2015 the population of Brazil donated 13.7 billion reais to social organizations. The classic profile of these donors are women over 40 years old. And the northeast region concentrates the largest donor population in the country.

Another interesting result is that, among the causes that raise awareness the most, are those linked to children and health. In addition, half of Brazilians made cash donations during 2015. 

?The Brazil Donation Survey reveals a picture never seen before, which will serve as the basis for a great campaign for the culture of donation in the country?, reports Paula Fabiani, director-president of IDIS ? Institute for the Development of Social Investment, which led the research.

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The survey also surveyed the population's opinion on Non-Governmental Organizations – NGOs. A little more than 70% of respondents are aware that these institutions depend on donations from people to function and more than half agree that these entities are necessary to solve social and environmental problems. In general, the survey pointed to a scenario of trust in the organizations that carry out work in our country. 

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