UNDP and Sebrae convene cases and good practices in inclusive and social business

The Call for Cases to Include 2017 is open for applications for impact business ideas and cases throughout Brazil. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and SEBRAE joined forces through the ?Include Initiative?, to encourage inclusive and social micro and small businesses, stimulating their sustainable growth, increasing their competitiveness and strengthening their ability to exert a positive and scalable socio-environmental impact.

UNDP and SEBRAE realize the capacity that the private sector can have in Brazilian sustainable development, going beyond Corporate Social Responsibility practices, when implementing sustainable and economically viable solutions in favor of the communities where they operate. For this, companies must invest in innovation within their own business models, based on more inclusive core practices, thus becoming inclusive or social businesses.

The Call aims to reach potential entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, small businesses and rural producers committed to the development of solutions capable of generating positive social impact for society.

and also to offer socioeconomic inclusion opportunities for lower-income citizens. As part of efforts to implement the Agenda 2030, the Call seeks to map business solutions capable of responding to the demands pointed out by Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The 17 SDGs that make up the agenda are premised on the balance of the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

Innovative idea, business with social impact solutions, business with environmental impact solutions, scale impact business, inclusive business in value chains and rural business with impact are the categories of the Call, which also includes honorable mentions to initiatives that address more directly the themes of gender, youth, old age and integration of the SDGs.

With a view to supporting and accelerating the most outstanding cases within the Call, a network of actors was articulated in the national impact business ecosystem, within the spheres of information, investment, incentives and implementation, the four central dimensions of an ecosystem considered, per studies of UNDP, capable of enabling the success and positive impact of inclusive business.

Thus, the finalist cases of the Call will be forwarded to support programs for social impact businesses supported by the federal government, development banks, investors, incubators and accelerators to identify possible incentive opportunities, investment and support for implementation. The project works by giving opportunity to those ventures that have a positive social impact.

Entries have already started and will run until April 3 on the UNDP Brazil website. Complete information on registration, categories, eligibility, selection criteria, rules and awards are available at notice.

About UNDP

With the objective of contributing to the fight against poverty and inequality, the strengthening of democratic governance, economic growth and human and sustainable development, UNDP Brazil – through technical cooperation and in partnership with the Brazilian government, the private sector and civil society – has the constant mission of aligning its work with the needs of a dynamic, complex, multifaceted and diverse country


The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) is a private entity that promotes the competitiveness and sustainable development of micro and small enterprises ? those with annual gross sales of up to R$ 3.6 million.

For more than 40 years, it has focused on strengthening entrepreneurship and accelerating the process of formalizing the economy through partnerships with the public and private sectors, training programs, access to credit and innovation, encouraging associations, fairs and business rounds.

Source: UNDP Brazil

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