Call for loan: Sitawi and Instituto Sabin open funding for impact businesses

New selection for businesses with purpose opens, offering access to financial resources and specialized support

THE Sitawi Finance for Good and the Sabin Institute opened a new call for businesses from all over Brazil looking to boost their activities and make a positive impact. The deadline to register is March 19th and aims to select enterprises capable of capturing among R$ 100 thousand and R$ 500 thousand in a round of investment in Sitawi Impact Crowd Lending Platform. In addition to access to necessary resources, we offer monitoring and support in financial structuring to guarantee payment of the collective loan.

Among the attractions for social entrepreneurs are the 6 month grace period and up to 30 months for payment. Collective lending will allow businesses to access credit with pre-fixed interest, in Selic +2% per year. To participate, in addition to having a viable business and payment capacity of the loan, organizations must have CNPJ and be focused on positive impact, without restriction on theme (social, environmental, among others).

?Impact investing, although rising in recognition and value, still faces major barriers to participation by the common investor. Meanwhile, impact businesses seek capital to expand and continue to positively influence the environment and the lives of many people. Our goal is to increasingly integrate impact investing into people's routine, not only facilitating the raising of financial resources, but also providing continuous support for the development and monitoring of businesses on our platform?, comments Ana Beatriz Villela, Senior Coordinator of Sitawi Impact Investment.

The Sitawi Platform was born from a collaboration dedicated to increasing the capital available for social impact and also enhancing its effect: on the one hand, Sitawi's more than 15 years of experience in impact investing; on the other, the Sabin Institute, with its expertise in social-oriented financial innovation. 

?This year we celebrate 5 years as strategic partners of Sitawi's collective lending platform. The lasting partnership shows our confidence in the purpose and, especially, the efficiency of the platform. Through it, we were able to contribute to our strategic axis that seeks to strengthen ecosystems of impact organizations throughout Brazil, in two ways: expanding access to patient and empathetic capital by Brazilian social entrepreneurs and enabling every Brazilian o become an impact investor?, highlights Gabriel Cardoso, executive manager of Sabin.


Interested businesses can register until the day March 19, 2024, via the Sitawi Platform website. When registering, you will need to describe aspects of the organization, such as its mission, finances, impact generated and fundraising objective.

business selection

Sitawi will carry out the business evaluation and selection processes. Organizations that fit the purpose of this call will undergo a careful and in-depth analysis of financial, operational and impact data.

The analysis stage comprises detailed research into the financial and accounting situation of the organization, as well as the Business model, evaluating the ability to pay this loan.

Organizations selected and approved in the analysis process will capture via the Sitawi Platform through the model Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P), which is the pooling of capital from different sources (individuals or legal entities), through a digital platform.

In addition to raising funds to boost their operations and increase the scale of their impact, selected entrepreneurs have access to mentorships for your business and a personalized follow-up by Sitawi's team of experts.

?We not only received the financial resources, but we had all the technical assistance and care from the Sitawi team, which was fundamental at a time when we were not yet mature enough. I am convinced that we have matured a lot over time, overcoming several very complex processes. I can only thank you for the process, which was fantastic and for the support of everyone at Sitawi and I am very happy that it was completed successfully. All the people with whom I had some kind of contact in the organization contributed immensely at every stage, never abandoning our company?, comments Glauco Aguiar, CEO of Manaós Tech, an impact business that he raised with the Platform in 2020 and has already paid off the loan .

Blended finance model

The Sitawi Platform uses the blended finance model (or mixed capital), which combines capital from different means – donations or investments – so that they are attractive to both the social entrepreneur and the impact investor. Thus, we enable the growth of organizations that generate positive socio-environmental impact in the world and encourage investments aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established by the UN.

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