CIES Global internationalizes its activities with a focus on prevention

Since 2016, the Center for Education and Health Integration – CIES has been developing the Preventive Medical Program (PMP) with the aim of strengthening the pillar of disease prevention, focusing on empowering patients so that they can manage their own health. The organization, supported by Sitawi through the socio-environmental loan facility, its mission is to bring specialized, humanized and high-tech medical care to communities far from large centers through its advanced mobile medical centers.

Sitawi has already made five socio-environmental loans to the organization, totaling R1TP4Q1.5 million. The most recent loan, in 2016, in the amount of R$214 thousand, was aimed at implementing the Preventive Medical Program (PMP) in Atlanta, in the United States, consolidating the organization's international operations.

In 2016, the PMP had a total of 2,000 consultations performed in the US, mostly in women over 40 years old. It is expected that around 6,000 people will be served in 2017 and more than 16,000 in 2018.

?Our goal is to empower citizens about the risks of diseases based on their lifestyle and family history and guide them on the best way to stay healthy?, explains Roberto Kikawa, founding physician of CIES Global.

Check out the institutional video of the program and understand more about the initiative:

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