CIES holds 2nd immersion course in Social Entrepreneurship in Health

13920662_1074516979269720_2796623396606969348_nChange the world positively by rolling up our sleeves to bring about profound social transformation through entrepreneurship.

With this focus, the CIES Global - a non-profit organization specialized in health promotion, held, between September 18 and 21, 2016, the II course on Social Entrepreneurship in Health, in São Paulo. Students will learn about social impact business strategies and models, as well as learn about successful cases and tools for implementing and improving their project.

The event will promote the meeting of professionals with expertise in several related areas of health, such as management, logistics, legal and clinical care, aiming at understanding social entrepreneurship as a whole.

It will be a total of 25 hours of immersion studies, lectures and exchange of experiences between students, professors and invited professionals, among the greatest national and international experts in the themes Social Entrepreneurship, Health Systems and Challenge and Social Innovation.

On September 18, in addition to the master class, the CIES will provide, by prior appointment, specialized care for part of the local community. The action is for students to participate in the Experience of CIES Global.

The hotel where the event takes place is Refúgio Cheiro de Mato, in Mairiporã, 30 minutes from São Paulo, the capital. Applications can be made by email. and the investment to participate in the course is 5 thousand reais. Payment, if made until the end of July, can be paid in up to three installments, in two installments until the end of August and in cash in September. The price includes individual accommodation in a comfortable room, with full board and all the necessary teaching material.


September 18: Opening
Service: Mairiporã Community and guests

Magna Class                         

September 19: Social Entrepreneurship
Realizing your true potential in the social transformation of the world/Inspirational Leadership: Robert Wong

Global Social Entrepreneurship: Katherine Milligan​ (World Economic Forum)​

Social Entrepreneurship in Brazil: Prof. Rosa Maria Fischer​ (University of São Paulo)​

Social Entrepreneurship in Health: Cassio Aoqui (PonteAponte)​

September 20: Health Systems

Legal Health Milestones: Juliana Gomes Ramalho Monteiro (Mattos Filho)​

Innovation and International Health Systems: Eduardo Montaña

How digital platforms can be an important tool in Health: Fernando Cembranell                    

Telemedicine and Health Systems in Latin America (Venezuela and Colombia): Tomás Sanabria Borjas                                                      

CIES – Design, management and expansion system: Roberto Kikawa​ (CIES global)​

September 21: Challenges and Social Innovation                                                                                                                                         

Funding impact businesses (for-profit and non-profit): Leonardo Letelier ​(Sitawi Finanças do Bem)​

Evaluation of processes and results of health actions: Rogério Renato Silva​ (Move Social)​

Social Innovation: Prof. Graziella Maria Comini​ (University of São Paulo)​

Public Health Policy – the SUS line of care: Prof. Flavius Augusto Olivetti Albieri


Date: September 18 to 21, 2016
Place: Hotel Refúgio Cheiro do Mato (Av. Leonor de Oliveira, 1174 – Mairiporã/SP)
Investment: R$ 5,000 – 2x until the end of August and in cash from September.
Telephone(11) 5571-8017
                      (11) 2227-2602

Over the CIES Global in 2008, the CIES Global (Center for Integration of Education and Health) is an innovative project of health integrated to education, aimed at the population of high social vulnerability with an innovative method for shared management, which involves and mobilizes government, companies, civil society and communities that have already served more than 500 thousand people. The services are self-sustainable and based on the SUS table. To provide care to the population, it developed mobile medical care units adaptable to different situations and locations: Carreta da Saúde, Van da Saúde and Box da Saúde. He was the winner of the Social Entrepreneur Award from Folha de São Paulo and the Schwab Foundation, in addition to other awards such as Dom (from the Fleury group) in 2013, Dr. Citizen (of the Paulista Association of Medicine), Sustainable Citizen in 2012 and Social Entrepreneur Ernst Young Terco in 2011.

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