Focused on expanding financial solutions for impact, Sitawi adopts SAP Business One and takes a new step in the search for excellence

In a process conducted by ALFA Sistemas, the Sitawi implemented SAP Business One, a corporate management system seeking to ensure greater efficiency and agility in the management of our impact solutions.

The adoption of SAP Business One represents an important step in strengthening our governance practices, automating processes and also obtaining real-time management information, ensuring greater agility and security for decision-making.

Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi, comments on the incorporation of the tool: ?It assertively consolidated the practices already adopted for more efficient management. The SAP brand also brings credibility, a very important attribute for anyone working with philanthropy, he says.

Implementation will also help us to pursue our mission of being a reference in mobilizing capital for a positive socio-environmental impact. Today, our solutions for different partners are made possible through the financial management of Philanthropic and Endowment Funds, the coordination of Territorial Programs or through Impact Investment.

Letelier also comments on the differential of the organization's performance: ?It is not common for non-profit organizations to look for such robust management systems, but it is not common to have R$ 1 billion of capital mobilized as a goal for 2025. We see SAP Business One as a partner on this journey?, he concludes.

Edel Valy Wegbrayt, senior manager of Financial Administration at Sitawi, comments on the relationship between the organization's values and implementation: ?Transparency and the Search for Excellence are some of the values that guide the Sitawi in your everyday life. We found the ERP SAP Business One to be an efficient and reliable tool. From its implementation, we standardize and optimize the management and control processes.?

It also addresses the tool's differentials: ?The total traceability that the system allows is an important differential, reinforcing the accuracy of the information. It is possible to provide management reports in real time, and still with an extremely friendly layout through integration with PBI.?

Recognized transparency in auditing

In 2021, the Sitawi underwent an extensive external audit process, carried out by PWC Brasil, one of the four largest accounting and auditing companies in the world. After verification, the audit issued the Sitawi an unqualified opinion. This process highlights and recognizes the efficiency and professionalism of our team to ensure transparency and compliance in all processes and financial statements of the Sitawi, as well as in the financial management of projects with multiple partners and different sources of capital.

Wegbrayt also comments on the importance of the results obtained in the audit: ?This opinion is the product of an arduous and meticulous work by the organization in observing legal and accounting compliance. It is of great importance for the Sitawi provide this level of reliability and security to partners, stakeholders and the general public, generating value and credibility through tangible evidence.?, she says.

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