With financial management by Sitawi, the Philanthropic Fund will help fill in the gaps in socio-environmental education in Araras, Petrópolis – RJ

Did you know that for the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC)? that guides the construction of school curricula in all Brazilian municipalities?, is Environmental Education (EE) an essential part of teaching? And that it should be present, in an interdisciplinary and transversal way, at all levels and modalities of the educational process?

EA goes far beyond the environment. It is extremely important for us to understand life, its conservation and difficulties, such as the eradication of extreme poverty, the promotion of social and environmental justice and the transformation of the current socioeconomic development model.

Although very important in the learning process and an integral part of the BNCC, EE has been precariously worked in schools, due to lack of specific professional training for teachers and specialized didactic material.

To fill these gaps, the EVA Project Philanthropic Fund (Educators, Values and Learning) was created. With the financial management of Sitawi, the Fund offers a hybrid teaching program (face-to-face and online) for the professional training of teachers and simplified technological tools to support the implementation of socio-environmental education. The Fund plans to reach 140 students and 20 teachers from Colégio Estadual de Araras. 

Maria Rita Villela, Director of Research, comments on the importance of the Fund's role in education: ?The fund will leverage the implementation of Socio-Environmental Education in an integrated manner, aligning BNCC requirements, the Sustainable Development Goals and localized content for the reality of each school community, while promoting the professional development of public school teachers. teaching?

How will the Fund act?

The project, which begins running in April, will offer a Social and Environmental Education curriculum, a toolbox with instructions, references and a library of links, and a professional qualification program so that basic education teachers at Colégio Estadual de Araras can create didactic-pedagogical activities and reproduce them in their school communities.

The curricular proposal offered is innovative and articulates, in an interdisciplinary and transversal way, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the BNCC. In this way, the Fund aims to educate people to face current socio-environmental issues, reducing inequality in access to quality public education and barriers to the continuing education of teachers.

The Fund will provide all the necessary support to teachers during the three-month period of the project, such as pedagogical guidance, support via chat channel, in addition to certification for participating teachers. Frequent evaluations will also be carried out with the participants about the project and the contents covered, to assess their interest and engagement in the subject.

Bruna Lessa Bastos, Director of Development at Instituto EVA, comments on the Fund's desire to become a reference: ?The Instituto de Educação Socioambiental EVA wants to become a reference for the implementation and evaluation of Socio-environmental Education in a localized way, that is, promoting an education that dialogues with its surroundings and is relevant to the school community and that thus forms citizens aware of their roles as agents of transformation. This project has the potential to become a national reference for Socio-environmental Education”.

Why Macaws?

Araras is a rural community, located in the Buffer Zone of the Petrópolis Environmental Protection Area (APA). The APA aims to promote the sustainable development of the region and protect remnants of the Atlantic Forest and other natural resources, especially water resources, providing the development of scientific research and environmental awareness.

In addition, residents of the region are historically committed to environmental preservation and the mitigation of social inequalities in the area. Denise Pini Fonseca, Executive Director of Instituto EVA, comments on the commitment of residents in the region: ?Araras is known for its natural beauty, waterfalls and ecological attractions. The region has the Araras Project environmental awareness projects, which magnetize a strong adhesion and participation of the local community and with the surveillance of the Araras Biological Reserve, a Conservation Unit of INEA, RJ.?

Want to know more about this project? Access the site and the linkedin from EVA and stay inside!

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