Operational and strategic efficiency for impact organizations.

Enhance the impact

your cause with our consultancy.

Our goal is to support organizations' strategies, providing personalized paths and tools to solve their challenges and increase their impact.

Who is it for?

For all members of the impact economy!

Foundations and
business institutes
and family


Independent funds
and organizations

How does our consultancy work?

Based on conversations with organizations and understanding their reality and needs, we develop a robust work plan with strategies to achieve their goals.

For organizations looking to:

Financial health assessment:

A quick x-ray of financial health, useful for prioritizing efforts on the risks and critical points of organizations

Strategy design and refinement:

Support in defining realistic objectives and drawing up strategic plans to achieve them

Operational and governance efficiency:

Review of the operational and/or governance model to translate strategies into tangible results

Growth and scalability of operations:

We identify paths for growth and scalability of operations and impact 

Differentiators of our consultancy:

Comprehensive view of the impact economy:

We connect finance, business and socio-environmental impact, addressing challenges and opportunities comprehensively.

Expertise and breadth of knowledge:

Our vast experience with various organizations consolidates our expertise and guarantees flexibility to operate in different contexts.

Joint and personalized work:

We work in a customized way to meet the specific needs of each project, being able to create detailed reports, interactive workshops and manage short or long-term projects.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your cause reach your maximum potential!

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