Conservation and Climate Finance

The connection between capital, biodiversity and climate.

The future needs action. Now.

Our current consumption and production patterns have already proven to be incompatible with the planet's ability to provide resources and raw materials. The global ecological and climate system is collapsing. Therefore, in recent years we have seen climate and environmental challenges rise in the debate of society. 

But it is not enough. 

The urgency and complexity of these issues require innovative funding processes that make effective solutions possible for conserving nature and addressing climate challenges.

Without that, how are we going to have concrete measures to implement these solutions and, at the same time, bring prosperity and well-being to society?

How it works?

We develop financial solutions to conserve biodiversity and address climate challenges. 

Stages of designing a financial instrument:

Studies and diagnoses: we carry out studies and conduct diagnostics to better understand the economic, political, institutional, social and environmental/ecological contexts for the development of financial instruments with the potential to unlock/mobilize resources that address the current challenges of biodiversity conservation and promote mitigation/ adaptation to climate change.

Who is it for?

National and international actors interested in increasing capital flows for biodiversity conservation and the climate agenda.

Impact results

+R$365 milhões mobilizados para impacto socioambiental positivo

+ 1 million hectares conserved

65 Communities served


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