For us, positive future is a long-term investment.

Our action drives yours.

We believe that financial sustainability is essential to promote social causes. Therefore, in partnership with Endowments do Brasil*, we propose an innovative model for the democratization of Endowments in the country. 

Equity Funds, or Endowments, have two functions – they make investments possible through donations and turn this income into a long-term resource. Thus, they promote the financial stability of our organization. 

* Endowments do Brasil is the first multi-cause and multi-beneficiary Endowment Fund Management Organization adhering to law 13.800/19.

How it works

How it works


Heritage Fund Management Organization (OGFP)

Transfer of income

Supported institutions


Heritage Fund Management Organization (OGFP)

Transfer of income

Supported institutions

Following the rules of law 13.800/2019, the Endowments do Brasil (Health Fund Management Organization – OGFP) will house:

Multi-cause funds

Proceeds can be distributed to various organizations of the donor's choice.

Single organization funds

An institution may start its own fund with the intention of reverting this investment to its cause.

OGFP makes it possible to create an Endowment Fund faster. Easier. More affordable.

All this in a logic of common infrastructure.

Who is it for?

Philanthropic families and companies who want to build a sustainable legacy.

Non-profit organizations in search of mechanisms of perpetuity.

Benefits of our funds

Reduction of operational and legal costs

Independent governance and legal framework

Flexibility in the use of resources for different causes and purposes

Legacy - financial sustainability to organizations

Transparency and compliance

Expertise and Security

Impact results

+ 60 Organizations supported through our impact investing

+ 600 impact investors

+ R$27.5 million mobilized for positive impact

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