Philanthropy Management

Philanthropy as an enabler of transformative purposes.

Doing good is in now.

Customizable services. high level of compliance and security.

We allow financial resources – from legal entities and individuals, national or international – to be allocated to social and environmental causes in a flexible way. 

We perform financial management so that capital is allocated more efficiently and allow organizations to focus their time and effort on programmatic management. This is how our expertise in Philanthropy Management comes to fruition.

A Philanthropic Fund facilitates the vision of a common good. Because we connect those who donate with causes that transform. Through our collective actions, we positively impact thousands of lives.

How it works


Organizations, companies and/or philanthropists contribute capital once or over time to create a Philanthropic Fund.

Philanthropic Fund

Sitawi manages the resources and monitors them. Donations are disbursed effectively and transparently.


Through the disbursed resources, thousands of people are benefited and we drive the impact.

Your money can have much more value by generating a positive socio-environmental impact.

Who is it for?

Organizations, companies and philanthropists with the intention of creating a Philanthropic Fund to support one or more causes. 

We direct financial resources effectively to maximize their positive impact. Our management allows more flexibility and transparency for the social sector and more efficiency for the organizations supported.

With the operational expertise of our team, we enable greater dedication to the implementation needs of your initiative.

Impact results

+ 70 Philanthropic Funds under management

+ R1TP3Q100 million in mobilized capital

+ R$79 million mobilized to fight Covid-19

+ 8 million people reached

Operating in 26 states + DF

High level of compliance and transparency in our processes


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