Ethos 360° conference arrives in two other Brazilian capitals in 2016

In its third consecutive year with the successful 360° format, the Ethos Conference also arrives in Rio de Janeiro and Recife with the proposal of taking its innovative content, built, once again, with its sponsors and partners.

The last edition of the Ethos 360° Conference, held annually in São Paulo, met the challenge of surprising and updating its audience through a 20-hour program, which brought 179 speakers and 72 activities on visions, directions and strategies for business and sustainable development.

The Ethos Institute presents something new for 2016: the event will be? taken to Rio de Janeiro and Recife in the first and second half of the year, respectively. The decision, influenced by the holding of the Olympic Games in Rio and by the consolidation of the capital of Pernambuco as the most enterprising in the Northeast, is this? aligned with the strategic planning of the organization, which seeks to expand its base of action to other regions of the country.

The event bets, once again, on simultaneous activities divided into different stages, which allow participants an experience of knowledge, networking and entertainment. With a one-day schedule in both capitals, Ethos intends to bring together, through high-level content and dialogues, managers, entrepreneurs and specialists from different sectors of the economy for dialogues on the fight to? corruption and climate change, among other topics on the country?s business and sustainable development agenda.

In São Paulo, the Ethos Conference, held in September, continues with its two-day program and reinforces the proposal to surprise its participants with news. In addition to international lectures ? on topics such as compliance systems, carbon pricing, open innovation and the circular economy ? and the traditional dialogues on themes of human rights, climate change and integrity, the event promises to create, in a new address, an inspiring atmosphere, embroidered by cultural interventions and a new proposal cuisine, which provides participants with a complete experience of knowledge and sensations.

At a critical time for the country?s politics and economy, conference organizers see the commitment of their sponsors, as well as that of new and old partners, as essential to their success. affirmation of the event, with an important space for dialogue, engagement in ideas and networking for business leaders interested in transforming Brazil.

In addition, and? It is in this spirit that the Ethos Conference proposes to be, once again, a meeting point for articulation between different actors, seeking, through dialogue, the construction proposals, signaling the way and commitments towards a more sustainable and fair future.

The Ethos 360° Conference takes place on June 16, at Bossa Nova Mall, in Rio de Janeiro; on September 20th and 21st, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo; and in November in Recife, with location and date to be confirmed.

What?: Ethos 360° Conference Rio de Janeiro
When: On June 16, 2016
Where: At Bossa Nova Mall, Rio de Janeiro
Investment: R$ 120 with the Sitawi promo code >> STSHN4X
R$ 300 for the general public

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