Discover Câmbio do Bem: your new format for carrying out international transactions

In April 2024, Câmbio do Bem was launched, a financial mechanism by Sitawi Finanças do Bem in partnership with Abrão Filho. Is this an exchange service? transaction of exchanging a value of foreign currency for reais. Câmbio do Bem was designed to provide reduced rates – from just 1%-, transparency and positive impact on each international financial transaction. 

Great opportunity

It was based on its own experience with exchanging foreign currencies that Sitawi formulated the new exchange service. The organization closes an average of R$20 million in foreign exchange annually and dealt with the difficulty of carrying out transactions with agility and transparency. Considering this gap in the market, they developed the new mechanism.

?Clearly, there is a problem to be solved in this issue of international transactions. For small organizations, receiving resources from abroad, something trivial for large companies, is a real challenge?, says Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi.

Strengthening the ecosystem

The final objective of Câmbio do Bem is the same as the other mechanisms offered by Sitawi: to reinforce the organization's commitment to the Impact Economy. In the case of foreign exchange, this objective will be achieved through the use of part of the spread (exchange rate) that will be converted into donations to Sitaw, whose mission is to strengthen the third sector with innovative financial solutions, developing financial infrastructure for the Economy of Impact.

This means that Câmbio do Bem is advantageous for organizations, which will have reduced fees (from 1%) to exchange currency, but also for the Impact Sector. 

Do you often carry out international financial transactions?


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