Social Impact Contracts | New episode on Podcast

The second episode of the Sitawi podcast is on the air and the theme is Social Impact Contracts (CIS) in Latin American countries. The matter was discussed during the 2nd Seminar on Finance for Good: the State of the Art and was attended by Maria Laura Tinelli, from Acrux Partners, Adolfo Díaz Valdez, chief of staff at the Ministry of Urban Development and Transport of Buenos Aires, Daniel Uribe Parra, from Fundación Corona, and Marta Garcia, from Social Finance UK.

CIS are an important tool that can assist in the social development of many countries. Through partnerships established between the public and private sectors and organized civil society, it is possible to promote social projects and programs that seek to solve society's problems and that, when the intended results are presented, generate financial returns for investors. 

This model, despite being a good initiative for developing countries, still presents some resistance from the government and investors. In many countries, there are still issues to be resolved in relation to legislation, which is still unfavorable to this type of contract, and a cultural change is also needed that allows the government, investors and society to see this model differently. According to Maria Laura, it took some meetings with investors so that they could truly understand the proposal behind this form of contract. 

In addition, the guests also talked about how often the complexity of the subject is more related to people than to technical difficulties. There are many opportunities when the sectors that make up society work together towards social development, but this requires a change in mentality and in the relationship between the parties involved.

Interested? So access the podcast and understand how some projects are already being developed in some countries and the opportunities that this model offers. Sitawi is one of the pioneers in working with this theme and can help investors throughout the CIS analysis and implementation process.

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