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In recent years, Brazil has been facing socio-environmental challenges, accentuated by climate disasters, which increases the challenges of impact organizations. To understand the main issues, we carried out a search with funders in the field, seeking to identify the main obstacles internally and in their supported organizations. 

Carried out between March and April 2024, before the climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul, the survey was sent to members of GIFE (Group of Institutes Foundations and Companies) and had 19 respondents. The results indicate that both funders and funded organizations lack budgetary security, prioritizing short-term actions that do not reach their full impact power. On the other hand, transparency was highlighted as the least problem, which is positive in times of crisis. 

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Sitawi Consulting  

Although the sample is limited and the results are not surprising, quantifying the challenges is essential. We understand that climate tragedies and others will continue to be repeated, deepening the needs of impact organizations. 

Since its founding, Sitawi has focused on “capital, discipline and mentoring for impact.” Initially, the counseling pillar was the strongest. Over time, Sitawi diversified its operations into “Finance for Good”. For advice, we partnered with another consultancy company.  

Now, after finalizing this partnership and formalizing our Theory of Change, we are resuming our work in this pillar with full force, in addition to ongoing consultancy in other areas, which have never ceased to exist.  

How does Sitawi Consulting work? 

Our methodology involves close monitoring and co-creation with customers. We offer strategic support, providing personalized paths and tools to solve specific challenges and increase the impact of organizations. 

Who is it for? 

  • Companies 
  • Business and Family Foundations and Institutes 
  • Independent Funds and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) 

How can we help your organization? 

  • External assessment of the financial strength of supported organizations 
  • Strategy development and refinement  
  • Review of the operational and/or governance model 
  • Designing paths for growth and scalability of operations and impact 

How do we act?  

The consultancy adopts a comprehensive view of the impact economy, considering the varied challenges and opportunities. Our approach is based on experience accumulated over 16 years, ensuring joint and personalized work for each client. 

With an innovative and strategy-focused team, Sitawi is prepared to boost the impact of organizations through effective financial solutions and mechanisms. 

Enhance the impact of your cause 

Interested in increasing your organization's impact? Schedule a conversation with our team and find out how we can help you!  

Isabella Amendoeira, head of Consulting at Sitawi Finanças do Bem 
Leonardo Letelier, CEO and founder of Sitawi Finanças do Bem and Executive Director of Endowments do Brasil  


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