Promoting the culture of giving #diadedoar

For organizations that rely on philanthropy, every day is a day to promote the culture of giving, but once a year this movement is celebrated through #diadedoar. It is a great campaign to have a more generous and solidary country, in order to strengthen and value the work of social organizations that work for a better society.

On the 29th of November, a Tuesday, the whole of Brazil will mobilize for #diadedoar. Through posts on our social networks, we are promoting the theme and participating in this awareness.

#diadedoar was held in Brazil for the first time in 2013 and has its origins in the United States, where it started in 2012. It was created by an organization called 92Y, which is based in New York, and today it is worldwide. Outside, #diadedoar is called #GivingTuesday, which means “Donation Tuesday”, and follows famous commercial dates, such as BlackFriday and CyberMonday.

Sitawi has around 80 direct supporters that make it possible to carry out our operations and develop the mission of mobilizing capital for a positive social impact, through socio-environmental loans, management of philanthropic funds, ESG research, among other products we develop.

Indirectly, through O Polen, an online platform that reverses a % of online purchases, they provide hundreds of small donations that make all the difference to this paradigm shift in the field of philanthropy.

Knowing the stories and motivations of people who share a worldview where capital is cheaper, abundant and patient for organizations and businesses that generate a positive socio-environmental impact, shapes this movement of social transformation. And more: they motivate and sensitize other possible supporters.

Check out the testimony of Mariana Pedreira, a Sitawi donor since August of this year and get inspired.

“My relationship with philanthropy goes back a long time, but I don't really like the word philanthropy very much. I prefer to think and see that what I do is collaborate, join forces. And these collaborations appeared in my life in different ways: from participating in the academic center at the college; being president of an NGO that works with children at risk; be a volunteer facilitator in personal development groups; to embrace the cause of animal protection and collaborate with Sitawi!

20161122 diadedoar depoimento marianaI think everyone should try collaborating with some work they feel an affinity for, but know that making a difference alone is much more difficult. The feeling is that the energy and the result are multiplied on a much larger scale, in addition to the fact that there are people more apt to perform certain tasks that we may not be so capable of.

I felt affinity, trust and creativity in Sitawi's proposal and these were the factors that made me collaborate.

I invite everyone to know this work and collaborate with them too!”

So, what are you waiting for to be part of Rede do Bem?

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