New Economy Dialogues: Rethink the role of finance and learn even more about the positive socio-environmental impact ecosystem

The free event, organized by Sitawi and Collective Loan Platform, takes place from the 13th to the 15th of October.

The market for investments in businesses with a socio-environmental impact has been growing at a fast pace and is increasingly within reach of a larger number of Brazilians. To discuss the potential of this market and leverage businesses with a socio-environmental impact in Brazil, the Sitawi and the Collective Loan Platform promote the digital event ?Dialogues of the New Economy? which will bring together more than 20 guests including Third Sector business leaders and specialists in impact investing. Registration is free and can be done here.

The event's opening panel takes place on October 13, at 6:30 pm, with the participation of Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi. On the 14th and 15th of October there will be six panels ? three a day?, with debates between experts and business leaders and focus on different themes: ?The Investment that Transforms?; ?The Power of Impact Business?; ?Boosting Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship?; Investment Portfolio and Purpose?; ?The Value of the Forest Standing in the Amazon? and ?What is the New Economy Made Of?.


The event will feature several guests, including Natura's global director of Sustainability, Denise Hills; the journalist and author of the blog Ideias Renováveis by EXAME, Alexandre Mansur; the executive director of Sistema B Internacional and impact entrepreneur, Marcel Fukayama; the co-founder of TransEmprego and ambassador of the Entrepreneurial Women's Network, Maitê Schneider; the partner and Head of Sustainability at XP Private, Marina Cançado; journalist and editor of Projeto #Colabora, Agostinho Vieira, CNN finance analyst, Priscila Yazbek and news director for Brazil at Bloomberg Línea, Toni Sciarretta.

Also confirmed are the co-founder of FAMA Investimentos, Fábio Alperowitch; the director of the FELICITY project in Brazil, Gustavo Ribeiro; the executive manager of the Sabin Institute, Gabriel Cardoso; the co-founder and president of Instituto Humanitas360 and Civi-co, Patrícia Villela Marino; the CEO of Stattus 4, Marília Lara; the CEO of 100% Amazônia, Fernanda Stefani, the impact investments coordinator at Sitawi, Aline Decarli, the economist and writer of the book 'Investing is for everyone', Eduardo Moreira, among other big names.

The Collective Lending Platform

Since 2019, the Sitawi operates through the Collective Lending Platform, connecting investors and entrepreneurs with a socio-environmental impact. The platform operates on the peer-to-peer lending model, which digitally allows the transfer of financial resources from one person directly to another person or company, enabling anyone to invest in businesses with a positive socio-environmental impact. Six Business Roundtables have already taken place, supporting 21 impact businesses and mobilizing more than R1TP4Q10 million through 553 investors. know more about the Platform.

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