Financial return and positive impact: check out two organizations that repaid Sitawi's loan

The organizations YouGreen and Maranha raised funds with us in 2020, in the 4th Round of the Collective Loan Platform for Impact. Last month, they paid the last installment to investors. Check out how the investment contributed so that the two organizations multiply the positive impact:  

At YouGreen The loan was used to purchase a compactor truck that supports the cooperative's collection processes. Currently, YouGreen has 70 customers and 60% of them are served using this truck. 

already the maranha expanded the team with more diversity, increased its production capacity and invested in equipment, thus allowing the expansion of its positive impact on society. The partnership worked so well that the organization is raising money with us again in this new round.

Do you still have questions about how and why you should invest in positive impact organizations? Read our Guide to Investing in Positive Impact.

We have two open opportunities: in addition to Maranha, Pappo ? a financial and HR consultancy aimed at small black entrepreneurs and the inclusion of black people in the job market? is also picking up. invest now and be part of the transformation of the world.

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