New Philanthropic Fund focuses on quality education for low-income students

Sitawi Financeira do Bem announces a new Philanthropic Fund aimed at education: Janelas Abertas. Aimed at low-income students with high potential, the Fund is led by the Janelas Abertas association and aims to grant scholarships to those who, without financial support, would not have access to quality education.

The purpose of the initiative is to foster diversity and transform more and more young people from different backgrounds into leaders who bring unique perspectives to solve the problems we face today. Leaders empowered to change Brazil.

Janelas Abertas is an independent, non-profit association that believes in education as the main tool for transformation and empowerment of people with different life stories so that they have opportunities to achieve their dreams. The organization was created to provide more scholarships so that children and adolescents with different life realities could access a quality education at Escola Eleva, in Rio de Janeiro. 

The expectation of the program is to initiate a paradigm shift in the country's scholarship system, serving as an inspiration for other institutions of excellence. By 2022, the program expects to reach a percentage of 20% of scholarship students at Escola Eleva, which, in 2018, has 55 students and families with scholarships. In addition to financial support, the association offers pedagogical and psychological support to students and their families as a way of contributing to their personal and educational growth.

?We must see these students as multiplying agents. They are citizens who will see that barriers can, and should, be deconstructed, towards a much more beautiful world.” Mother of high school scholarship student

In order to enhance the impact of the Scholarship Program, Escola Eleva and the Janelas Abertas association established a matchfunding: for each student funded by an association donor, Escola Eleva will guarantee the education of one more student, until the 20% goal of scholarship students is reached.

All donations made to the association are directed to the Fundo Janelas Abertas and destined to finance the study of low-income children and young people in Rio de Janeiro. The amount raised by the association – via matchfunding and/or direct donation – managed by Sitawi Finance for Good.

?Sitawi's Philanthropic Fund makes it possible for individuals and companies to donate through various channels, in addition to allocating resources to the project's cause quickly and effectively, ensuring better financial management and transparency in transactions. In this way, it allows the association to focus on general project management activities to achieve an increasingly positive social impact. ?

Watch the interview given to the Futura channel here and learn about the scholarship program in this link.

Are you interested in being part of this transformation? You can make a donation. For recurring donations, visit improvement, and for one-off donations, send an email to

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