For the sake of biodiversity conservation, we are now members of two major coalitions

The environment is collapsing and every day there is more talk about the emergence of ecological and climate crises. The issue is urgent and requires effective financial solutions to face these challenges and conserve nature. With our partners, we work on concrete measures to implement these solutions. Recently, through our Conservation and Climate Finance area, we became members of two large coalitions that bring together organizations that work towards nature conservation. 

One of them is the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA), a global alliance of professionals, experts and organizations working in conservation finance. The alliance operates through a collaborative network of volunteer members who organize discussions and seminars from different working groups such as Finance for Protected Areas, Maritime and Coastal Finance, among others.  

The second is the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation (CPIC), a coalition of leading civil society organizations, public and private sector financial institutions, and academics. CPIC works to offer increased private investment seeking positive impacts on conservation, producing financial and ecological returns. The coalition develops new models of financial instruments and solutions, designed to help facilitate replicable investments in conservation programs and their adaptation to local conditions. 

In addition to helping us expand our knowledge of new instruments and financial solutions, these new connections allow us to strengthen our network of partners and funding efforts for biodiversity conservation in the country. 

Second, Fernando Campos, Conservation and Climate Finance Manager at Sitawi, “Affiliating with these international movements places Sitawi at the forefront of the debate on conservation finance, making it possible to develop innovative solutions in the Brazilian context and, in addition, share and give visibility to national success stories that can be replicated in other countries? . 

Through the Conservation and Climate Finance area, we make the connection between capital, biodiversity and climate. We have already mobilized more than R$365 million for a positive socio-environmental impact, preserving more than 1 million hectares in the Amazon and serving 65 riverside communities in the Amazon. 

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