Empowering minorities is highlighted in the 2015 Social Impact Business Marathon

The Social Impact Business Marathon 2015, held by Sebrae in partnership with Sitawi, took place between the 12th and 15th of November, as part of the Entrepreneur Fair, in Rio de Janeiro. There were more than 100 entries (105 projects, some with repeated proponents), and a total of 53 projects considered eligible to participate in the Marathon.

In numbers, the Marathon had 13 projects related to education, while 9 were related to culture. Health was the third most awarded sector, with 7 related projects. Such numbers clearly show the lack of investments that Rio de Janeiro/Fluminense society sees in the three sectors.

After the presentation to the Evaluation Board, made up of major players in the social impact business market, we had 6 winning businesses, with 2 honorable mentions. Businesses that empower minorities were the main highlights of the award: a company that sells wigs to cancer patients, a restaurant managed by occupants of Manoel Congo (Cinelândia - RJ) and professional training for autistic young people.

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