With the end of the pandemic, we celebrate our performance during this period

We recently celebrated the delivery of the 20th oxygen plant, with resources from the BNDES Saving Lives Philanthropic Fund, managed by Sitawi in partnership with BNDES, Confederation of Santas Casas de Misericórdia, Hospitals and Philanthropic Entities (CMB), Bionexo and Benfeitoria. The plant was installed in Baturité, Ceará.

The plant will benefit the community served by the local Emergency Care Unit and represents one of the last deliveries of the initiative, carried out to protect health professionals who were daily exposed to the disease and adequately care for patients in the Brazilian public health system.

The event coincided with a world milestone: the decree of the end of the pandemic by the WHO. During the more than three years in which the whole of society has been mobilized to promote health and save lives, Sitawi and partners have contributed, so far, with the donation of +80 million PPE's and impacted 9 million people involved with the institutions benefited health. 

Learning that saved lives

We face a moment never experienced by our society, but with speed and flexibility. We made it a factor that drove our impact. Even with the scenario full of uncertainties, we achieved growth and were able to develop solutions to mitigate the consequences of the disease.

In addition, Saving Lives took oxygen to several health units during the collapse caused by the lack of this essential input, as in the case of Manaus, in 2021. This shows that collective and strategic philanthropic actions can generate a positive impact with agility and efficiency.

Unity is strength

The results of this initiative brought social gains generated by engagement between different parties: Sitawi, partners, donors and beneficiary institutions. The joining of efforts allowed the objective to be achieved and, even with the end of the most difficult times, a legacy still remains for the beneficiaries of the fund. For the UPA, which recently received the plant, the delivery is of great importance, as it helps in the treatment not only of Covid, but of various respiratory problems. 

At the end of the actions that helped to make an impact on the tip, the feeling of the entire Sitawi team is one of gratitude and hope in continuing to mobilize resources to transform the world into a better place for everyone. The Philanthropic Fund has become yet another example that doing good is essential to our path. This is what Priscilla Batista, a Philanthropy Management analyst at Sitawi who closely followed Saving Lives says:

?The most memorable moment for me was the inauguration of Abaré II, a river health unit that provides medical care to riverside communities that are in great need of help. Taking medical care via a boat and being able to see how the care works up close was very rewarding, a unique and remarkable experience that will always remain in my memory,?, he comments.

New perspectives

For the moment of joy and relief that marks the end of the pandemic, we continue to seek solutions to the most urgent socio-environmental issues and we count on the support of organizations and citizens of civil society to guarantee the continuity of our actions.

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