Turbo Philanthropy | New episode on Podcast

Sitawi's new podcast is on the air, which talks about the theme: "Turbocharged Philanthropy for 21st Century Challenges". During the 2nd Finance for Good Seminar, we listened to Luciane Gorgulho, from BNDES, Roland Widmer, from Sitawi, Graciela Selaimen, from Fundação Ford, and moderated by Augusto Corrêa, from Grupo +Unidos.

Luciane brought to the conversation the perspective of BNDES, as part of the Brazilian public sector, and told how the bank has improved its vision over the years and how the Education and Culture sector is now concerned with boosting the Brazilian cultural heritage. “Today, the supported projects are those that deliver the greatest impact of heritage as a development engine”.

Graciela gave a brief presentation of the foundation, explained how they select the projects that will receive investment and how they work with intermediary funds and mediators to support projects in identifying new trends in the field of philanthropy. “There is a whole field of new actors that is emerging where we work with funds to boost social investment or donations to organizations that work for the public interest, democracy and social justice”.

Roland told a little about his story and how he seeks to “integrate issues of interest to various actors for a positive socio-environmental impact”. Interested? So go to the podcast and stay on top of the subject!

You can also listen on Spotify!

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