Finance for Good: learn about our journey of innovation and impact

THE Sitawi Finances for Good released the 2020 Annual Report this week. The document brings the main results of the last year of the Social Finance and Sustainable Finance programs, as well as people, financial and impact management indicators. 

In 2020, the organization was responsible for managing 32 Philanthropic Funds, 14 of which were focused on responding to the pandemic. Approximately R$6 million were mobilized in 3 rounds of the Collective Lending Platform, supporting 11 more impact organizations. Together with the Territorial Programs area, the Sitawi reached the mark of R1TP4Q134 million mobilized throughout the year. 

More than 230 projects were carried out through the Sustainable Finance Program. In all, 23 managers were supported in the ESG integration, aiming to improve their investment and fundraising strategy. The second opinion opinions issued by the Sitawi made it possible to raise more than R$10 billion, showing that expertise and focus on innovation will only tend to increase the impact in the coming years.

And, to make all this happen with competence and a keen eye for impact, the work of a committed and engaged team that grew 87% in the period was essential.

?Over the last 13 years, the Sitawi has been working at the forefront of developing financial solutions aimed at generating a positive socio-environmental impact and was able to significantly contribute to the response to the pandemic. This ecosystem flourishes with the work of partner organizations that are at the forefront of developing solutions with social impact, the funders who make this exercise possible and all the people who are dedicated to building this change in society?, says the advisory board of the Sitawi formed by Enio Stein, Franklin Feder, Guilherme Affonso Ferreira, Junia Nogueira de Sá, Lucia Hauptman, Paulo Nigro and Tomaz Solberg, in a letter in the document. 

According to Leonardo Letelier, founder and CEO of the organization, and Gustavo Pimentel, executive director, Sitawi wants to be at the center of relevant discussions for the well-being of people and the planet, strengthening our commitment to the preservation of the Amazon and leading the transformation of the paths of capital towards a positive socio-environmental impact.

Access the material for free at this link.

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