Social Innovation Forum, in Rio de Janeiro

?Social means business: Business means social?

On April 10, Emzingo promotes the Social Innovation Forum at the Light Cultural Center, in Rio de Janeiro. Sitawi is a partner of the event and the CEO, Leonardo Letelier, will participate sharing a case on how he promotes social impact using market principles. To participate, simply register at

Why a Social Innovation Forum?

We find ourselves in an increasingly challenging, complex and interdependent economic, social and environmental context. And, therefore, it became more difficult and, one might say, even a little dangerous, to separate the business area from the social area of the company? especially when there is a greater need than ever for new opportunities, new ways of thinking. We need to go beyond the current debates on charity and sustainability and look for new ways to promote respect, collaboration and co-creation between social and business actors in the sector, so that together we can find sustainable solutions to our challenges. The social sector is known for creative use of limited resources, positive social and environmental impact, and ability to engage its employees and volunteers to do their best; The business sector has an entrepreneurial perspective and a series of tools and practices that can promote financial sustainability and scalability. Does the world need leaders who can balance these too often disconnected worlds and leverage their joint potential? leaders who understand how social can really mean business, and how business can be social.

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