Philanthropic Fund accelerates good actions for the climate, benefiting society and preparing citizens

Talanoa is an International Public Policy Institute that has the objective of accelerating good actions for the climate from the collaboration of society, generating positive results for it. With the financial management of Sitawi, the Philanthropic Fund performs technical and economic analyses, plans and analyzes public policies and develops actions and tools to achieve its vision.

The Talanoa Institute acts as a “policy think and do tank”, and is directed by public administrator Natalie Unterstell. Think Tanks are institutions or organizations that produce knowledge on political, economic or scientific topics and are also responsible for disseminating these issues. This process is done through studies and articles, published with the aim of influencing public opinion.

Talanoa does this work with the vision of preparing citizens for a warmer, more uncertain world. Currently, the institute is developing the project Full Policy, which monitors in real time the political signals of relevant changes and their effects, announced or carried out by the Federal Executive. This is a way of building a technical analysis of political signals, to materialize and manage possible risks.

The fund has solutions based on science and collaboration. It supports the formulation and implementation of public policies, advising governments so that there is innovation in their implementation. In addition, Talanoa also supports resilient investment strategies that consider climate and business risks. The institute also evaluates and monitors the performance of funds and public policy instruments and their governance on a large scale.


The word Talanoa originates from the traditions of the islands of the South Pacific, such as Fiji and Tonga, and its meaning concerns a process of dialogue that must be open, broad and interactive. These communities talk about difficult topics and jointly find solutions to common problems.

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