Philanthropic Fund assists in the defense of women journalists prosecuted for exercising their profession

The definition of limits for the safe and free exercise of the expression of thought is an essential issue for the functioning of democratic institutions. With the environment provided by the internet and the growing reach of social networks, issues of this nature generate even more conflicts across the country.

According to data collected by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji), 37.5% of the 367 attacks on journalists and professionals in the Brazilian press were directed at women. in the year 2020. The numbers show the difficulty faced by women journalists in their daily work in Brazil.

In order to expand this current and necessary debate, the Tornavoz: defending suppressed female voices will provide assistance to four women journalists prosecuted for carrying out their activities. The initiative will help to fund and define the defense strategy for these women, since many are unable to hire specialized legal defense. The Philanthropic Fund is financed by UNESCO's Global Media Defense Fund (GMDF) and has the financial management of Sitawi

"After more than 30 years working on freedom of expression cases and witnessing the increase in cases against journalists and media outlets, I decided to join other women with vast experience in the area so that those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer do not be helpless”, says the creator of Tornavoz, Taís Gasparian.

Tornavoz Executive Director Charlene Nagae says that “this project is very special for the institute, because the founders of Tornavoz are all women and we know that the difficulties faced by journalists in carrying out their activity are much greater. We are very lucky to be able to count on the financial management of Sitawi, which allows us to focus our efforts on project execution and on what our expertise is.”

Tornavo seeks to enable specialized legal defense to those who suffer lawsuits due to the exercise of the expression of thought and expression. The initiative also promotes the discussion and appreciation of these rights, participating in strategic processes and awareness-raising actions. For Tornavoz, the processes that involve freedom of expression and expression of thought are complex and require specific knowledge of various spheres of law.

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