Philanthropic Fund seeks to leverage actions and ideas for the protection of the ocean from a female point of view

The Philanthropic Fund, part of the Liga das Mulheres pelo Oceano movement, was created to promote institutional development, community management, and the development and production of campaigns for the movement. Among the main topics addressed by the Fund are the climate crisis and its consequences, the overexploitation of marine resources and the pollution of the seas. A Sitawi is responsible for the financial management of the Fund, assisting in the administration and accountability of the resources.

The League of Women for the Ocean seeks to leverage actions and ideas for the protection of the ocean from a female point of view. Together, the women who make up the movement exchange and produce content, gather information to support decisions and public policies, create thematic campaigns and develop and support each other's projects. The contents produced by the League are available on digital media such as Instagram, at the site of the movement and in channel from YouTube.

According to information gathered by the Fund, the health of the ocean is vital for the health of the planet and people, as it is responsible for producing half of the oxygen we breathe and is a daily source of food for billions of people. In addition, the ocean also regulates the planet's climate and is home to the greatest biodiversity on the globe, thus arising the need for awareness and preservation. To achieve this and other objectives, the feminine theme on which the Fund is based, allows the achievement of collective solutions, aggregating and with future goals for all.

According to Paulina Chamorro, co-founder of the League, female protagonism can repair the damage to nature: “The disconnection with nature can be repaired by female hands. Women create bridges between sides that can walk together, such as economics, ecology, ethics, respect, equality and diversity. They stimulate the creation of a new conscience for a fairer society and a living planet. When we open space and highlight the leading role that women and the ocean have on several fronts such as conservation, research, fishing and traditional communities, we also allow other young women and women to be inspired and see that it is possible to have a voice. The ocean unites people, gives us water, food and oxygen. When it becomes unbalanced, women are also the most affected, as they are in a more vulnerable situation,” she says.

The League seeks to give voice to ocean sustainability and female protagonism in this issue, to make it known and valued through the collective effort of women. In 2021, the movement is preparing to join the global effort dedicated to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, which will take place from 2021 to 2030. are among the Fund's objectives for the year 2021.

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