Agbara Fund promotes social rights and inclusion for black and indigenous women

Fundo Agbara is the first Philanthropic Fund for black women in Brazil. Managed by black women, the Fund's mission is to empower the greatest possible number of black and indigenous entrepreneurs, enabling these women's financial and emotional independence.

Agbara operates on three different fronts to serve this public. On the education front, it provides professional improvement training and political-citizen training for women throughout Brazil. On the financial front, Agbara provides cash incentives to at least 4 female entrepreneurs every month. On the technical assistance front, it assists in advising the registered women's micro-enterprises.

The Fund works based on donations, in which the donor signs up and makes a fixed contribution, for a minimum period of 12 months, with a minimum amount of R$20. After collection, black or indigenous women who have small business projects and are residents of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas are selected, through a bank of entries, to receive the cash incentive, carried out every month with amounts between R$600 and R$900.

The registered women are evaluated by the Fund's coordinators according to the criteria of income, number of dependents, project viability, project reach and vulnerability. After the contemplation period, the rendering of accounts takes place for all the Fund's collaborators and, eventually, product raffles and scavenger hunts among recurring donors also take place.

?The Agbara Fund serves the portion of the population that occupies the worst indices of productive inclusion: half of black women do not receive anything for their work, those who do receive only 44% of the salary of a white man and they are reserved for the largest portion of informal and unhealthy jobs. Black women were the first entrepreneurs in this country, undertaking out of necessity and not opportunity. We need to create tools for these women to develop and improve their businesses, making economic power and symbolic power circulate and creating an effectively anti-racist society!?, declares Aline Odara, founder and executive director of the Fund.

From September 2020 to March 2021, Agbara has already helped more than 41 entrepreneurs with financial contributions and provided more than 1,100 services on its three fronts of operation. A Sitawi is responsible for the financial management of the Fund, assisting in the administration and accountability of the resources.

access the Fund website and also follow the social networks: linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

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