Philanthropic Fund brings together women to enhance social impact actions

The Impacto por ELAS Philanthropic Fund is a women's network that promotes positive impact actions for other women. A Sitawi is responsible for the financial management of the Fund, which today has more than 140 women from the financial, legal and impact ecosystem markets.

Impacto por ELAS aims to address the lack of visibility and voice of women in the impact and financial markets and its first project is the book “O Capital Feminino”, which deals with female pioneering in the financial market, a typically male ecosystem.

The book seeks to inspire and encourage women by making a parallel between personal and professional stories on topics such as: main career decisions, barriers faced by women, the path they have taken, in addition to reflections, tips and much more. The aim of the book is also to reach universities and economics courses, where historically literature is mostly masculine. 

?The world has been considered masculine for so long and women, with their powers, are vilified to remain in the shadows. We end up getting used to male role models, heroes, scientists, athletes, telling us that the world was made of male pioneers. We want to help tell another story, the evolution of female voices, strengthen those who arrived first and inspire those who are just starting out. Whether in the financial market or in the impact ecosystem. Using the strength of those who fought to take their place in the job market to tell about this already existing learning curve. Talk about the power that exists when women unite. We are currently building our Theory of Change. The second semester will be for planning the next 3 years of the Network?, declares the fund.

Learn more by accessing the Fund's page on Linkedin and also follow on Instagram.

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