Grupo +Unidos announces partnership with NGO Cidadão Pro-Mundo, expanding support for teaching English in Brazil

With new sponsorship, a group of American companies extends the reach of its initiatives aimed at young Brazilians.

The +United Group? a partnership between American companies in Brazil and the American embassy ? announces support for yet another initiative aimed at teaching English. From the partnership with the NGO Cidadão Pró-Mundo (CPM), which offers language courses for young people in low-income communities through a rotating volunteer structure, +Unidos should reach new audiences and expand the social impact of its training platform. The resources of the +Unidos initiative are managed by Sitawi.

?In an increasingly globalized society, we believe that English is an important tool for social development – especially for the low-income population – insofar as it promotes the empowerment and protagonism of citizens by giving them access to a world of information, opportunities and new perspectives, both personally and professionally?, comments Duval Guimarães, volunteer president of CPM.

With the CPM Qualify project, the initiative should help NGO students reach the B2 (or higher) level of proficiency in English, required in exams for admission to the main universities in the world. The investment, around 100,000 reais, covers 1 year of the course and should impact around 2,000 young people from peripheral regions of São Paulo per semester.

According to Augusto Corrêa, executive manager of +Unidos, the partnership brings a new perspective to the Group's projects. ?Our language training initiatives have always been very focused on young people from federal universities and we felt that we needed to impact other audiences who do not have this opportunity to access education. English is an important competitive differential, especially for young people with lower purchasing power. Language is a transformation factor for these people's lives and +Unidos also wants to be a facilitator of this change?, comments the executive.

The project is aimed at low-income students, mostly from public schools, or who have a full scholarship in private schools, regularly enrolled in the Cidadão Pró-Mundo course in advanced classes or who have completed the course and show interest in the initiative. At the end of the course, CPM Qualify students will take a certification test to prove their development in the language based on this process.

The partnership is part of a set of actions that contribute to the Group's goal of training 1 million Brazilians in the language by 2025. To learn more about this and other +Unidos initiatives, visit

?About Grupo +Unidos

+Unidos is a partnership between the US Diplomatic Mission, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and US companies established in Brazilian territory. The group seeks to contribute to the country's competitiveness by supporting professional qualification through English proficiency and aims to train 1 million Brazilian students at Federal Universities by 2025. More information about the +Unidos Group is available at .


USAID is an agency independent of the US federal government and responsible for economic and humanitarian assistance programs around the world. In Brazil, it works to contribute to various goals and objectives of economic, social, sustainable and equitable development, while strengthening a vital partnership that exists between the peoples of Brazil and the United States. More information about USAID/Brazil is available at

About Citizen Pro-World

Founded 20 years ago, Cidadão Pró-Mundo promotes equal opportunities in Brazil through voluntary English teaching and social integration. With the aim of offering education opportunities for young people and adults from needy communities, the NGO, which has 12 units spread across the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, currently mobilizes around 900 volunteers and serves almost 2 thousand students, thus contributing to the transformation of Brazil's social reality. More information about Cidadão Pró-Mundo is available at


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