Humana invests in the human rights of girls and women in Brazil

Organização se junta à Sitawi para criar Fundo Filantrópico voltado à causa

THEthe human rights violations that are historically present in the lives of hundreds of millions of girls and women in Brazil, and which deepened in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, motivated the foundation of Humana, a non-profit organization established in February 2021. Ana Marinho, lawyer and researcher on human rights and gender, and Ana Laura Magalhães, graduated in international relations and specialist in investments, are the founders of the organization. Mônica Costa, journalist and specialist in financial education for black women, heads the Culture and Diversity board. 

One of Humana's goals is to influence public policies that promote structural changes that guarantee the human rights of all Brazilian girls and women and immigrants living in the country, in order to build a more diverse and inclusive society. The organization is the result of a study process started in 2020 for the elaboration of a project based on partnerships signed with supporters of the cause and experts from the third sector. 

Em 2021, a Humana juntou-se à Sitawi para a constituição e gestão financeira de um Fundo Filantrópico, o que dá maior flexibilidade e transparência para a realização de parcerias que promovam a autonomia socioemocional, financeira e intelectual das jovens beneficiadas, e que se encontram socioeconomicamente vulneráveis.

One of the ongoing projects is the Life Plan, which will be applied based on an educational menu developed by specialists and which, in addition to the elaboration of a life plan, includes mentoring with professionals from areas linked to the program and facilitating access to the market. of work. 

The project methodology was defined based on scientific evidence that points out that the age group marked by the end of adolescence and beginning of adulthood is the moment when young women are faced with decisions that will influence their entire life trajectory in the intellectual, socio-emotional spheres. , and financial and intellectual.

“In addition to understanding and delving deeper into Brazilian social and structural problems that reproduce gender and racial inequalities, we need to act with urgency, independence and courage to make a difference”, defines co-founder Ana Marinho. 

value connections

The beneficiaries are girls and women aged between 16 and 24 years. The organization's focus is, based on research and technical positions, to work to guarantee human rights, strengthen the ecosystem and contribute to groups that assist girls and women in situations of social and economic risk. To this end, the organization creates connections between groups recognized as active in the struggle for gender and racial equality and companies willing to strategically invest in the cause.

“We believe that these initiatives are important for these women to integrate into the job market in a positive and respectful way”, says Mônica Costa, director of diversity.

Humana has advice pro bono of Pinheiro Neto Advogados (PNA) which developed the governance and statutory model. The organization also has the technical assistance of Mariana Luz, a psychologist and specialist in race relations, Luciana Vieira Rubim Andrade, a doctoral student in political science (UFMG), Julieta Morais, economist and master in public policy from the United Nations University MERIT (UN) and Marineusa Medeiros, specialist in education in the fight against domestic violence for children and adolescents (USP). 

At the same time, the executive board has an advisory board whose function is to provide strategic support in the analysis of projects and social impact. This includes Silvia Chakian, prosecutor at the Public Ministry of São Paulo, Nina Silva, executive CEO of the Black Money Movement, Hamangaí Pataxó, indigenous national articulator of the Engajamundo association, Giovanna Heliordo, historian and researcher on LGBTQIAP+ issues, and the lawyer Gláucia Nascimento, from Pinheiro Neto Advogados. Raphael Zimmermann is responsible for the fiscal council.

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