Launch of a Philanthropic Fund and crowdfunding for Atlantic Forest reforestation [release]

Programa Um Pé de Quê? e Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica lançam campanha de arrecadação online para plantio de árvores com meta mínima de R$ 400 mil. Sitawi Finanças do Bem fará gestão financeira do total arrecado 

Driven by the desire to reforest Brazil, the program “Um Pé de Quê?, created and produced by Pindorama Filmes and Canal Futura and presented by Regina Casé, launched, in partnership with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, the crowdfunding"give it a go”. The campaign was aired on Sunday, the 20th - eve of Tree Day -, to raise funds for the initial planting of 20,000 seedlings of native Atlantic Forest trees, recovering 1.33 km of riparian forests on the Una River, in the Paraíba do Sul River basin, which supplies the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

The campaign will be available for 60 days on the website., onde a cada contribuição voluntária no valor de R$ 20 o internauta adotará uma árvore. As mudas serão plantadas e cuidadas pelos próximos cinco anos pela Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, até quando elas já estiverem fortes para seguir sozinhas. A meta mínima do projeto é de R$ 400 mil. Todo recurso captado será destinado a um Fundo Filantrópico, gerido pela SitawiFinanças do Bem.

“A flexibilidade para moldar o Fundo à necessidade do programa, aliada a agilidade da estruturação e baixo custo de manutenção que o Fundo Filantrópico traz para todo o projeto Dá Pé, faz com que o recurso arrecadado seja dedicado em maior potencial e eficiência ao real propósito de impacto ambiental, que é o reflorestamento da Mata”, comenta Rob Packer, Gestor de Fundos da Sitawi.

Estevão Ciavatta, screenwriter and director of Pindorama Filmes, highlights the importance of involving the population in solving the problem of deforestation in time to see the results of their actions: “The Atlantic Forest takes an average of 10 years to recover. It is very fast. This generation can change the world!”

With the amount collected, those who adopt one or more trees will also help to make the content of the “Um Pé de Quê?” program available in full on the website. The program, presented by Regina Casé 15 years ago on Canal Futura, has one of the largest audiovisual collections on trees in the world. There are 156 programs with 138 species portrayed, each tree is the star of a 20-minute episode. It will be a material of free access, under the Creative Commons, so that as many people as possible have access and make use of this knowledge.

The program “A Foot of What?” has a partnership of more than 10 years with the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica and Instituto Plantarum. The One Foot of What? is on TV, on the web and in books, whose volume Pau Brasil was adopted by the National Textbook Plan.

For Marcia Hirota, executive director of Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, the partnership with the program is very important to help raise people's awareness of the biome. “In the week we celebrate Tree Day, September 21, our main goal is to encourage and engage society with sustainability actions in favor of the Atlantic Forest, which today has only 8.5% of original forest in Brazil. This initiative will also help to show how important the forest is to guarantee the generation of water in quantity and quality for our consumption”.

Sobre a Sitawi Finanças do Bem

A public interest social organization (OSCIP)* that operates in Brazil and abroad as a Finance for Good platform operating innovative financial solutions for positive socio-environmental impact. The platform is structured in 4 programs: Social Finance, Sustainable Finance, Philanthropic Culture and Business & Impact. The Management of Philanthropic Funds is allocated to the Social Finance program, alongside other solutions such as the Socio-Environmental Loan, for example, brought by the organization to Brazil 7 years ago.

About “A Foot of What?”

On the air since 2001, the program “Um Pé de Quê?” has traveled around Brazil and the world identifying and telling the story of more than 130 species of trees. From Japan to Mozambique, from Paris to Cariri, Regina Casé brings the viewer closer to the trees through music, cuisine, history, technology and anthropology. In 2007 the “Um Pé de Quê?” became the first TV show to neutralize all greenhouse gas emissions from its production, running a program entirely focused on the topic of global warming.

About SOS Mata Atlântica

Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica is a Brazilian NGO that has been working for 28 years to protect this most threatened forest in the country. The NGO carries out several projects in the areas of monitoring and restoration of the Atlantic Forest, protection of the sea and the coast, public policies and improvements in environmental laws, environmental education, campaigns on the environment, support for reserves and conservation units, among others. All these actions contribute to the quality of life, since more than 72% of the Brazilian population live in the Atlantic Forest. The NGO's projects and campaigns depend on the help of people and companies to continue to exist. Find out how you can help

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