More than R$ 600 thousand mobilized for the Amazon: check out another result of the Sitawi Platform

We concluded another round of investments for businesses with a positive socio-environmental impact in the Amazon. They mobilized R$ 610 thousand reais, which will be responsible for the sustainable development of two cooperatives that operate in the state of Pará. In total, there were 150 investors, who joined the more than 700 people who have already invested in Sitawi's Collective Lending Platform and believe in investing with a positive impact.

This 12th Round had the strategic partnership of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA), Fundo Vale and CLUA.

Sitawi is a pioneer in this type of investment in Brazil. In all, we have already mobilized more than R$30 million for more than 60 organizations that positively impact our country. 

Meet the organizations of this Round

THE Agricultural Cooperative of West Pará Producers (CCAMPO) aims to strengthen family farming and bring regional products to consumers. It has 188 cooperative members and its services are responsible for generating income for 476 families of rural producers.

THE Sementes do Marajó is an açaí extractive cooperative located in Curralinho, Pará. With 125 cooperative members, it concentrates its sales on marketing to the private and institutional market. The organization plays a fundamental role in generating sustainable income and stimulating the economy of the Marajoara region, which is strongly marked by poverty.

Be part of this movement!
The positive impact cannot stop. Soon we will bring new investment opportunities in businesses with transformative purposes for you to invest in. You can become part of this movement and invest with positive impact.

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