More than R$ 900 thousand mobilized in investment with positive socio-environmental impact

We concluded another round of investment for businesses with a positive socio-environmental impact. In total, we mobilized more than R$ 900 thousand for organizations from different fronts and regions. maranha, Pappo and Coopercuc were the ventures of this opportunity. 

In total, 159 people invested in this round, who joined the more than 700 who have already invested in the Sitawi Platform and believe in investing with a positive impact. The initiative has a strategic partnership with the Sabin Institute and the support of Próspera Social. 

Blended Finance: Bemtevi + Maranha 

Blended Finance is a financial strategy to increase the positive impact of socio-environmental projects, combining resources from different forms, such as donations and investments. By attracting investments in different formats, impact projects can have more significant results. 

Maranha was able to access investments from individuals combined with R$ 160 thousand investing through Bemtevi, allowing you to increase the total amount of financing, extend the grace period and make payments in line with receipts from your projects.

THE Bemtevi is a private institution that brings together investors and entrepreneurs focused on socio-environmental impact, promoting strategic partnerships. In addition, it trains and supports social businesses that seek to create a positive impact. In this way, the organization contributes to the regeneration of the economy, replacing interest with impact.

Prospera + Coopercuc

The same happened with Coopercuc, which had the resources raised by the Collective Impact Loan Platform added to the R$ 220 thousand invested by Próspera Social

Próspera is a family office (family management office) focused on transitioning assets and investments for social impact. With a vision of profound and radical impact, management is based on the economy of good living and a more environmentally and socially fair world.

How will the resources be used?

At Coopercuc, the resources will be allocated to working capital for the purchase of umbu crops from cooperative members. The cooperative, located in the backlands of Bahia, produces around 32 products, including sweets, jellies, juices, pulps, among others, derived from five fruits: umbu ? the most processed fruit?, wild passion fruit, guava, acerola and mango.

THE maranha, an audiovisual producer that addresses relevant and urgent topics for Brazil with the purpose of educating and informing, will use the loan for new independent productions and the creation of a strategic plan for new executive production. 

Now for the Pappo, a financial and HR consultancy aimed at small black entrepreneurs and the inclusion of black people in the job market, the resources will be allocated to working capital and cash with the aim of boosting the organization's growth through hiring new employees and training. 

Be part of this movement!

Generating positive impact cannot stop. We will soon bring new investment opportunities in businesses with transformative purposes for you. You can become part of this movement and invest with a positive impact.

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