Matchfunding that has already supported +160 hospitals in the fight against COVID-19 enters the final stretch

With the motto “on the front line, time is life”, the Philanthropic Fund Saving Lives has already raised R$28 million for those on the front line of philanthropic hospitals in Brazil. With the support of several companies and more than 1,400 employees, more than 14 million protective materials were delivered to 164 hospitals in 134 Brazilian municipalities.

Aimed at fighting COVID-19, the Fund is the result of a partnership between BNDES, CMB, Bionexo, Sitawi and Benefactor and works from the logic of 'matchfunding'. For each R$1 donated, BNDES donates R$1, doubling the amount of donations. The campaign is open until July 30, 2020.

The resources will be invested in protective material for doctors, nurses and patients, such as surgical and N95 masks, alcohol gel, gloves, surgical gowns and lung ventilators. THE Sitawi it manages and accounts for the funds raised and deliveries, and everything will be disclosed and audited.

In addition to financial support, after your collaboration you will be able to send a message, in text or video, to professionals who are on the front line of combating the new coronavirus. Discover the website and express your affection.

Disclose the final stretch and collaborate now at:

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