Message from the Board – Annual Report 2017

Working for a world where capital is cheaper, more abundant and patient for organizations and businesses that generate positive socio-environmental impact has been Sitawi's motivation in the last decade.

Looking back, we see a seed in 2008 growing stronger at the same time that the field of Finance for Good was also developing in Brazil. From a pioneering proposal with an initial product anchored in philanthropic capital, Sitawi diversified its activities, mobilizing both philanthropic and concessionary capital, as well as advising financial capital for a positive socio-environmental impact. Over time, it has grown and flourished in people, results and achievements, creating a network that encourages innovation and creativity in the socio-environmental sector.

We recognize the dedication of employees, the engagement of partners and the credit of supporters as essential in this journey. We also realized the great importance of all the organizations and partners that undertook and work alongside us on a day-to-day basis, developing the field. By creating roots that connect to our mission, together we form a more robust ecosystem. 

We believe in mobilizing capital to finance innovative solutions that address social and environmental issues. Each one in their own time, we chose to be part of the Finances for Good. With different backgrounds, what unites us is the trust in Sitawi's cause, excellence and transparency.

With this brief reflection, we want to invite you to get to know Sitawi's work, as our experience shows that it is worth trusting and getting involved with this organization that, for a decade, has acted ethically and transparently, bringing innovation to socio-environmental impact in Brazil. check out the 2017 Annual Report and allow yourself to engage.

Enio Stein, Franklin Feder, Guilherme Affonso Ferreira, Lucia Hauptman, Thomaz Conde, Tomaz Solberg
Sitawi Advisory Board


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