NESsT launches publication on job opportunities for young Brazilians

NESsT, in partnership with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and support from ICE, launches NESsT Empowers – a study on the potential of the industry as an employment opportunity for young Brazilians. The event takes place on December 13, Templo Gávea, in Rio de Janeiro, starting at 8 am.

launch-event-green-website-header-600x394-rjOn the occasion, the results of the survey will be shared and it will be discussed how the hospitality industry currently employs young people, what opportunities exist and how the market is responding to this.

Applications must be made by 12/5 by email.

NESsT Empowers Launch

Date: December 13th

Hours: 8 am to 10 am

Location: Templo Gávea – Rua Duque Estrada, 41 – Gávea, Rio de Janeiro

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Skills and jobs to create impact

It is estimated that 800 million people worldwide will need access to decent work in the next five years (World Bank, 2012). The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development identifies decent work and inclusive employment as crucial elements in ending global poverty. Marginalized individuals face multiple barriers to the job market, including undereducation, lack of training and skills development opportunities, and discrimination in the workplace. Even when jobs are created, these individuals are not qualified to fill them. NESsT Empowers was launched to address the lack of skilled jobs available to marginalized communities.

NESsT Empowers invests in social businesses that generate decent job opportunities. It is also dedicated to seeking out companies that partner with social businesses in designing demand-based workforce training curricula and preparing marginalized communities for entry into the labor market. The program has already generated more than 3,500 qualified employment opportunities for people at risk. Over the next five years, the goal is to expand NESsT Empowers, doubling our impact.

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