New edition of the Citi Award focuses on young micro-entrepreneurs and distributes R$ 42 thousand in awards

A premiação apoia o desenvolvimento de jovens microempreendedores brasileiros de 18 a 35 anos e organizações sociais que buscam transformar comunidades através do empreendedorismo

In the month in which the Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place, an international movement that seeks to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture through connections and training, Aliança Empreendedora, sponsored by the Citi Foundation and supported by Citi, opens registration for the Citi Young Microentrepreneurs Award 2016, with the objective of identifying, training and rewarding young micro-entrepreneurs who are promoting development in their communities throughout Brazil.

Award for young micro-entrepreneurs

As of November 16, 2016, young people aged between 18 and 35 who are starting a business, whether formalized or not, or who have a business idea that they would like to put into practice can apply. Registration is free and takes place exclusively through the website

The selection of the winning entrepreneurs takes place in two phases:

  1. In the first stage, 20 finalists will be chosen, who will be awarded a gift card worth R$ 1 thousand*, face-to-face training in São Paulo-SP*, in addition to travel costs*.
  2. The second stage takes place in São Paulo-SP, where the 20 finalist micro-entrepreneurs will present their businesses and business ideas to a panel of experts. From there, the judges will select four final winners: two in the business category and two in the business idea category.

First places in each category receive a prize of R$ 6,500 and second places a prize of R$ 4,500, all in gold bars.

As inscrições vão até dia 5 de fevereiro e a revelação do resultado acontece no dia 20 de abril de 2017, em evento em São Paulo-SP. O regulamento completo está disponível no site e essa promoção foi autorizada pela Secretaria de Acompanhamento Econômico, certificado de autorização SEAE/MF 03/0484/2016.

Award for social organization

For the Most Transforming Social Organization category, registration opens on December 6th and ends on February 14th, and the person elected by the jury receives a diploma of recognition* and two scholarships worth R$ 1,100.00* that can be used by two members of the institution in courses with INK, a reference in the subject of project management, in addition to a travel package to São Paulo for one person.

“The Award reinforces the Citi Foundation's commitment to highlighting the importance of micro-entrepreneurship in the development of Brazil's economy. Based on the impact generated by the 10 years of the Citi Melhores Microempreendimentos Award, the initiative is renewed to reach a young audience who are starting to undertake, but who do not have experience and easy access to knowledge or business services. We want to share success stories and motivate young people to positively impact their communities,” says Priscilla Cortezze, Citi's Superintendent of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.

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