New Fund is created in an international partnership for the inclusion of women in the Technology and Communication market

Sitawi Finanças do Bem is working with the European collective YOPO, a social enterprise dedicated to innovation in the fight against sexual violence, to create the “FEM-Innovation Social Fund – Women for ICT with social impact”. The intention is to support the launch of a new accelerator, the international Gendered Innovation Accelerator (GIA), in São Paulo. The project aims to invest in the redefinition of Information and Communication Technologies, supporting innovation with a gender lens. It is not just about correcting the gender imbalance among software programmers, formed by 85% of men, but also about contributing to the constitution of a new mentality and, therefore, of new opportunities in the area of ICT. The Fund's goal to enable the arrival of the GIA in Brazil is over R$1.5 million.

The latest example of male-pattern tech design leaving women's needs behind was the new Apple HealthKit, which gathers the metrics people are most interested in and doesn't include menstrual cycle tracking, for example. Today 500 million women use iPhone and Android, and for now, there is no sign of women-oriented innovations in Apple HealthKit. This is just one example of the many opportunities for social and market impact lost when a male-oriented approach to IT remains the de-facto standard.

“The dominant methodology of software design involves creating products for users whose interests, skills and needs resemble your own, resulting in a masculine approach to Information Technology”, says Gerardo Greco, Founder and Creator of GIA .

This is one of the areas where GIA, in partnership with Sitawi Finanças do Bem, will produce innovation focused on empathy and women, along with personal security designed for women and mHealth – which is the provision of health and information services. by mobile technologies.5

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