Global movement inspires new Philanthropic Fund at Sitawi

Connection, purpose and awareness are the words that guide Sitawi's new Philanthropic Fund. Behind these concepts is MeditaNaRua, a movement that encourages the union of people from different countries, languages, beliefs and ages around simultaneous collective meditations around the world.

In April 2017, some friends got together in Brazil to carry out collective meditations in public spaces, through simple invitations through social networks. The movement made so much noise that, in a short time, many people wanted to participate and take MeditaNaRua to their cities. Thus, already at the first meeting, in June 2017, more than 61 cities from 8 countries participated.

The movement continued and, in 2018, it already reached 5 continents. In the 3 editions of the Global Meeting, 100 cities in 18 countries participated, mobilizing thousands of people in more than 36 different meditation practices. In Brazil, all regions got involved.

Aiming at the continuity of the movement in 2019, MeditaNaRua opened a crowdfunding campaign ( and joined Sitawi to create a Philanthropic Fund. Sitawi will handle the financial management of the donations received by MeditaNaRua and believes that the positive impact of the project is capable of mobilizing several people, either individually or collectively, in search of better quality of life, human relations and peace.

Watch the video, get inspired and be part of this movement:

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