Deliberative wave gains strength from ten more Brazilian organizations

Delibera Brasil, a Philanthropic Fund with financial management by Sitawi, announced the ten organizations that will make up the Polo do Decidadania, a program to help put popular will at the heart of Brazilian public management. From January to March, the training session will take place, which will provide conditions for the ten organizations to apply and disseminate citizen deliberation through the “Mini-public” methodology. The Decidadania program aims to promote informed participation in the country's public decisions and was made possible with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

At the end of the training phase, which includes an event with the international network DemocracyR&D, the organizations of the Pole will implement three experiences of “Mini-publics” in different themes and places, to put into practice the acquired knowledge. The Decidadania Hub is made up of the following organizations: LGBTI Alliance, Associação Grito dos Excluídos, Avante, Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS), ICLEI América do Sul, Instituto Governo Aberto, IPAD, Juventude Negra Política, Transparência Capixaba and Instituto Nossa Ilhéus.

These entities have as their agenda LGBTI+ rights, environmental preservation, open government and many others, operating in different regions of Brazil. “The positive reactions to our invitation, the number, diversity and quality of registered organizations confirm that there is a fertile field to put the practices of democratic deliberation definitively on the map of Brazil”, says Silvia Cervellini, co-founder of Delibera Brasil.

Since 2017, the non-profit organization aims to contribute to Brazilian democracy, allowing the public to participate and recognize itself in the formulation of public policies in Brazil. Delibera Brasil makes this objective possible through the methodology of “Mini-Publics”: Citizen Juries and Citizen Assemblies formed by representatives of the community defined by lot, who are informed about the topic addressed, deliberate and make recommendations on decisions of public interest.

For the second year, the Sitawi manages the financial management of the Delibera Brasil Philanthropic Fund, making the allocation of human and economic resources more efficient. Meanwhile, the collective focuses its efforts on programmatic management of the fund, along with the Advisory Panel composed of 9 organizations, formulated in 2020.

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