Pandemic highlights the social vulnerability of isolated communities in the Amazon

According to technical research carried out by the União Amazônia Viva Movement, the Amazon has several communities vulnerable to the impacts of the pandemic, with case incidence and mortality rates that reach up to twice the national average. Among indigenous peoples and traditional communities, the pandemic intensifies social vulnerability and makes access to health actions more difficult. According to data released in the SESAI (Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health) bulletin between December 2020 and January 2021, the number of COVID cases among indigenous peoples increased by 10% during the second wave of the disease, causing an overload in the health care system. health in the region.

The União Amazônia Viva Philanthropic Fund acts in these vulnerable communities, prioritizing the most urgent places and helping the most affected regions through health and food security actions. This support is carried out through partnerships with other organizations that are experienced in working in the Amazon and that are recognized by indigenous peoples, such as: Associação Expedicionários da Saúde, Projeto Saúde e Alegria, the Federation of Indigenous Organizations of Rio Negro and the Instituto Socioambiental.

The initiative has already raised more than R$5 million for the fight against COVID-19 and reached 10 indigenous territories in Brazil, prioritizing areas of activity through technical and scientific criteria, related to the structure and evolution of the pandemic. After the research carried out by the movement, it was also possible to identify the priority in this first half of 2021, which will be humanitarian support to the regions of Alto Rio Negro (classified as the most vulnerable in the country), Vale do Javari, Yanomami, Raposa Serra do Sol and Tapajos.

With financial management of Sitawi, the Movimento União Amazônia Viva receives and applies the resources obtained through national and international donors, with full transparency and visibility on their use. All actions carried out by the initiative ensure accountability and the presentation of final results.

For more information, visit the site of the movement.

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